Neal Run Restoration & Rail Trail Development

This project entails purchasing the old railroad grade and coal preparation properties owned by Kovalchick Salvage Co. and removing or stabilizing approximately 40,000 tons of coal refuse located partially along Neal Run.  In addition, the abandoned mine reclamation will include the daylighting of about 900 feet of stream that was culverted to make room for the coal tipple.  Culvert pipes will be removed or abandoned in place in order to daylight and reestablish a natural stream channel.  Limestone will be used as a stream substrate for stabilization and the neutralization of acidity that may emanate from remaining coal refuse and downstream discharges and seeps.  A 25’ riparian buffer will be planted on both sides of the stream bank.  Finally, the railroad grade purchased from the Kovalchick Salvage Co. will be converted to a multiuse trail.  Construction of the trail will involve reestablishing drainage along the trail including reopening of plugged culverts and excavating filled in ditches and placement of trail surface aggregate.  Upon completion of the project, the property will be conveyed to Evergreen Conservancy.  

Partners: Aultman Watershed Association for Restoring the Environment (AWARE); BioMost, Inc.; Colcom Foundation; Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds; G&C Lab; Indiana University of PA (IUP); PADEP; Stream Restoration Incorporated; volunteers