Data Loggers

AWARE has received grants from the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds and BHE GT&S Watershed Mini Grant program to deploy conductivity data loggers for the monitoring of the streams and treatment systems in the Aultmans Run Watershed.  Conductivity dataloggers are the most efficient and cheapest to collect water quality data continuously. The conductivity measurement can be quite useful in depicting the general quality of the stream.  Each stream tends to have a typical range of conductivity that, once established, can be used as a baseline for comparison. Significant changes in conductivity is an indicator of a possible pollution event. Currently, these data loggers are found at the Reeds Run project.  To download data, please click the links below.


Reeds Run above Kent 2-A, a mine site, taken at a township road.  This monitoring point is also known as RD0-MP1 in the Autlmans Run Watershed Assessment (2002).


Reeds Run below Kent 2-A, taken below beaver dam. Also known as 851-5 by SRI and R05 by PADEP. Also below WL Effluent.

WL Effluent (WTLD)

Outlet of the aerobic wetland and settling pond that treats the SW29 and other discharges emanating from the coal refuse remaining after reclamation.