More Trash Removed at Reeds Run

Thanks to everyone that was able to help make another successful cleanup at the Reeds Run Restoration Area! Trash has likely been accumulating at this old mine site for the last 40 years. A total of 18 cubic of yards of trash were picked up on Saturday April 29th with the help of about 15 volunteers. Almost all of the tires were cleaned up at the previous pickups, so only a dozen tires were found this time. Some interesting items that were found at the cleanup several televisions that ranged from CRT TV’s from the seventies to 60 inch flat screens. A car door was found along with various other car pieces, including a license plate from Texas!

Financial support for this project is provided by Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds and donations from AWARE members. The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds is a foundation that makes grants that help to invest in local efforts to clean-up and restore degraded streams, protect healthy streams, and advocate for Pennsylvania’s water resources. Thanks to all of the volunteers who came out including a few new faces! We hope to continue to expand the cleanup efforts to other parts of the watershed. If you know of any trash dumps, please let us know.

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