Success at Reeds Run Trash Cleanup

Thanks to everyone that was able to help to make the cleanup at the Reeds Run Restoration Area a success! Trash has likely been accumulating at this old mine site for the last 40 years. Almost half of the trash at the site was picked up and more than 70% of the tires were picked up as well. Trash was also picked up along a half-mile section of Locust Road. A total of 18 people came and helped, including six students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.   An estimated 5,000 pounds of trash and 250 tires were collected, which filled up an entire roll off dumpster!  Thank you to Rosebud Mining Company for donating the dumpster! Some interesting things we found were: an old light from the underground mine, an old camera and radio, a flat screen television, a large pool liner, many old car parts, and motor oil bottles.  Glass bottles were the most numerous items that volunteers had to bag up.  Unfortunately there is still a lot more that needs to get cleaned up. Be on the look out for information about the next cleanup. This cleanup is tentatively scheduled for April 30, 2022.

Financial support for this project is provided by BHE GT&S which is dedicated to the economic, physical and social health of the communities served by BHE GT&S companies. This grant program was administered by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in commitment to its core mission of conserving Pennsylvania’s diverse ecosystems through science-based strategy, leadership, and collaboration. Thanks also to the Foundation of PA Watershed for providing funding for this clean-up.